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About Cusp

Dental cleaning tools and hygiene produc

Welcome to Cusp Dental Hygiene Care


An innovative, comfortable, professional dental hygiene environment. CUSP offers complete exams, radiographs, deep and regular cleaning, and various methods of teeth whitening. When a patient requires more in depth procedures CUSP offers referrals to trusted dentists and specialists depending on what services are required. 

Whether you require a dental hygiene appointment yearly, twice a year or as frequent as every 3 months, our goal is to provide you the best service and dental hygiene care possible, with a treatment designed especially for your needs!


Direct Billing to Insurance! 

Always Accepting New Patients!

Alberta Dental Hygienists have the broadest scope of practice in North America and are authorized to determine the need for and perform restricted activities such as scaling and root planning procedures; administering local anesthesia by injection; prescribing Schedule 1 drugs; performing Atraumatic restorative procedures (a temporary glass ionomer filling (GIC) to get you through until you can see your dentist), ordering, exposing and interpreting dental x-rays; ordering and administering nitrous oxide/oxygen conscious sedation.


All without any supervision, over-site, or direction from a dentist or other health care practitioner.  No order from a dentist, and no requirement that the client is examined by a dentist first.

Alberta Dental Hygienists also practice in a wide variety of practice settings.

(Exert from the CRDHA, In Touch Magazine October 2010)

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